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Vicky VandaeleVicky Vandaele holds a Translator's diploma from Mercator Hogeschool in Ghent, Belgium. She has gained a practical working knowledge of English and French from her business experience with international companies. She worked for an American law firm in Brussels, an international chemical company in Louvain-la-Neuve (mainly French) and a small company (IAA) that provides quality consulting to the automotive sector.


Her experience is primarily in the legal, business / commercial and marketing area.


  • Legal: Quarterly legal codex updates, conditions of sale/transport, contracts, conclusions, birth/death certificates, divorce documents.
  • Pharmaceutical: Medical information leaflets, market studies, questionnaires for medical representatives, medical articles, press releases.
  • Business: Management reports, HR-documents, manuals on business strategies, presentations, annual reports, marketing material, technical manuals, marketing course for university marketing students.
  • Literature: Children's literature, short stories, novels, interviews.
  • General: Tourist guides, hotel descriptions, video games, product descriptions, technical manuals.
  • Automotive: Extensive presentations in PowerPoint on automotive issues, manuals, catalogues.

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