If you would like a quotation or any other kind of information, please contact us.

A good translator is always open for business! Feel free to contact us at any moment, even after business hours.

File formats

Jobs can be sent electronically to us at sales@translationvandaele.com in MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, txt, rtf and pdf. You can also fax a job to +32 69 44 44 28 or send it in the mail to Translation Vandaele - rue du Sourdeau 7 - B-7912 Saint-Sauveur.

If you want to discuss rates and deadlines, you can email us or call at +32 69 44 43 28 (fixed) or +32 476 72 75 02 (mobile). You can also Skype us.


Translations can be delivered on various data carriers:

  • Email (free)
  • Through the FTP (free)
  • Paper (mail, courier or fax)
  • CD-R, CD-RW, DVD
  • Diskette
  • SD-card

Extra charges

Possibly we will charge a supplement of 10% for documents that reach us in pdf format or by fax. For very urgent assignments we can charge up to 25% extra, depending on size, field and urgency. These supplements are always announced before we start the translation.

Déjà vu

When translating we use Déjà Vu X as a translation memory. This gives you the advantage that we can offer consistency in your documents. This program is made up of databases of phrases and terms. By storing translations phrase by phrase into a database, we can guarantee consistency throughout all projects for your company or institution.

For more information, we refer to the Déjà Vu website at www.atril.com.

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